About Zainberi


Our Zainberi journey started with our daughter…our little sugar monster!

We wanted to create desserts for her that would satisfy her appetite for sweet things and provide her with essential nutrients. The challenge was making desserts that are nutritious and taste delicious at the same time – otherwise she won’t eat them!

The answer was in replacing traditional dessert ingredients such as flour, butter, and sugar with ingredients that provide better nutrients.

Our inspiration to use chickpeas, black beans, and other unconventional dessert ingredients came from the Middle Eastern cuisine. Being originally from that part of the world, we remembered the tastes and smells of Syrian markets and Jordanian breakfast tables, and were able to create desserts that had our daughter’s approval. She loved the desserts we had created!

Then we thought…many people can benefit from this food just like we did, not only for their kids but also for themselves, so we started Zainberi to share our inspiration with you.

Name and Logo

“Zain” is a common word used in the Middle East meaning good and tasty. This word captures the essence of our food, and hints that our inspiration comes from that region. “Beri” indicates that the brand is associated with food through customising the words “berry” and “berries” which are associated with nutritious, natural, and tasty fruits. Hence, the brand name “Zainberi”.

The eight-sided mosaic, comprised of purple, orange, and light green elements, is adapted from the historical art form indigenous to the Middle East region. Just as stones or tiles come together to form a mosaic piece, the ingredients we use come together to form delicious and nutritious food.


We are starting with desserts but our savoury recipes will be coming your way too…All inspired by the Middle Eastern cuisine. We promise delicious and nutritious food. Our food is made up of ingredients that we can actually pronounce! No chemical compounds and no e-numbers! Zainberi products are all handmade.

Food Philosophy

We believe in “better calories” or, in other words, calories that carry nutritional benefits. This is the basis of our food philosophy.

Why get calories from flour when you can get better calories from chickpeas? Why get calories from butter when you can get better calories from black beans? And we can get all the sweetness we need from dates, raisins, or honey. We make it our mission to find better ways to provide delicious food with nutritional benefits.

Ethical Sourcing

We support local farmers and businesses so we buy ingredients from South Australian sources whenever possible. Our packaging is all recyclable, and some are reusable.


Each food product is a little different…so make sure to read what’s on the packages, and check our Products page to find out more. Some of our foods are Dairy-free, Egg-free, and/or nut-free. Others may include allergens. Some are suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets.